At300Nelson, time and effort spent to make things better is essential. We know what our materials are, what they are not and where they come from. Our designs are personal. They all begin in-house, initially brought to life and worked out via canvas, paper, and anything else we can (literally) get our hands on. We value the relationships we share with our partners and the time spent getting to know the artists, craftsmen and women who we collaborate with. We believe that they help us add a little extra je ne sais quoi to our lineup. We know how our product is made and we celebrate that these are growing universal standards. We hope that you will too. Please continue reading to take a deeper look behind our designs.

Quality over quantity.

Our fibres are a naturally woven, certified linen and cotton blend from Belgium. Intrinsic texture and an oyster backdrop set the stage for our designs via a timeless and sustainable option. Our yardage is printed digitally and on demand. We love the artistic nuances that this process captures and we are over the moon for its reduced environmental impact. This process decreases water usage, toxic waste and eliminates the storage/disposal of unused inventory. Our dyes are third party certified and free of any metals or Prop 65 chemicals, producing an end result that is better for you and for the environment.

Keeping it close to home.

Our dry goods are crafted by hand and made to order. We collaborate with local woodworkers, sewers and upholsterers to create unique and tailor made pieces that punctuate your space. Materials used include certified linen and cotton blends from Belgium, premium metal zippers, maple, birch and other seasonal wood species. We do not use MDF or anything like it. We keep in touch with our work through every step along the way. Our mission is to be a part of the design from start to finish, and to inspire conscious creation. This process can take a little extra time, but we think you will agree that it is worth the wait.

Carbon offsets and giving back.

Green-er options are available everywhere, but sometimes you need to readjust the lens. Corporations and small businesses are taking action partnering with nonprofits, working with eco-initiatives and building a more responsible product in order to ensure a future. When your packages ship, we take advantage of a carbon offset option that is offered by our shipping partner. Recycled packaging and eco-friendly options are used when it comes to getting your goods to you. Time is volunteered and a portion of our profits are donated to local and national non-profits. If there ever was a trend, we couldn’t be more excited about the emphasis placed on the well-being of our planet. Each individual contribution has its part to play, and it’s all in the details.